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In the place where the sun rises, there is a product designed and manufactured by SEI Robotics.

Making people's life more beautiful because of intelligence. To be an IoT system integrator and service provider, continue to be the most reliable Android TV manufacturer in households and offices all over the world.

Employee Benefits

  1. Insurance (includes Endowment insurance, Medical insurance, Unemployment insurance, Industrial injury insurance, Maternity insurance) and Housing Fund.

  2. Paid Leave (includes National Holiday, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave/paternity leave, bereavement leave).

  3. Two-day weekend, a 15 minute teatime in the afternoon, annual physical exam, Traditional Festival gift, Employee birthday party, annual travel...

Career Opportunities

1. Overseas Sales

Position promotion

Overseas sales           Senior overseas sales             Overseas sales manager              Overseas sales director

2. Overseas BD

Position promotion

Overseas business specialist            Overseas BD supervisor            Overseas BD manager

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