SEI Presents IoT Solutions on IBC 2022 CE Stage

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Update time : 2022-09-11 17:53:52
Amsterdam, Sep.11th, 2022

The growing popularity of smart homes has changed the entertainment experience and home life for many people. At IBC 2022 CE Stage, SEI Robotics' VP Regional Sales Alberto Paniagua presents us a smart Home and Home Security solution: HOMA.

HOMA is an IoT solution independently developed by SEI Robotics and built in Google ecosystem to provide global operators with smart home, home security products and value-added business expansion.

SEI's HOMA solution is fully integrated with Google assistant, including low-power cameras, doorbells, door magnets, motion sensors and other products. All the products can work together. For example, when the doors and windows are detected to be opened, the camera video recording will be triggered, and the alarm information will be sent. When the doorbell rings, it will receive a reminder on the TV and mobile APP at the same time and show a real-time picture.

All the products enable auto-networking, auto-discovery, and auto-connection, which reduce the complexity to the end users. Through solar energy technology, the life of sensor equipment has been improved, up to 10 years.

Meanwhile, SEI developed an IoT platform and video platform, which provides users value-added services such as cloud storage and AI recognition while ensuring data security, so as to meet user needs in different scenarios. Moreover, the platforms support on-Prem deployment, which greatly meets operators' requirements of data security.

In order to solve the problem of device connection, SEI has developed different gateways for various scenarios, such as Smart Speaker, IoT Dongle, IoT Gateway products, supporting Zigbee, Matter, Zwave, Thread protocols, which can work with other smart products.

HOMA is committed to solving the pain points of the Internet of Things, such as security and convenience, and providing consumers with safe and frictionless smart life services.

About SEI Robotics
Established in 2009, SEI Robotics is a Smart Hardware company and a Global leader in developing and manufacturing Android TV and IoT devices. As one of Google's Tier 1 Android TV ODM Partners, we focus on innovative Android TV products like ATV HDMI Dongle, OTT & Hybrid Set-top box (STB), Android TV Smart Speaker, 4G/5G CPE Gateway, Wifi Mesh, and Home Security IoT. We successfully worked with a large number of Tier 1 international customers on multiple Android TV projects and Smart Home IoT Solutions. Our goal is always to deliver the best quality product on time. Visit SEI Robotics online at
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