Dish TV and SEI present smart solutions on Android TV APAC Summit

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Update time : 2022-11-08 19:21:11
Bangkok – 8 November 2022 Dish TV, India’s leading direct-to-home (DTH) company, has been attempting the transformation from traditional Linux set-top box to Android TV smart set-top box since 2018 and expects to expand IoT business based on the Android TV box. Under this background, SEI Robotics, an international smart solution provider proposes a solution based on the Google Ecosystem that combines the strengths of Android TV, the Google Cloud Platform, and the ecosystem partners.

At the subscribers end, SEI completes CBS integration on 4K hybrid set-top boxes, and integrates the OTT and DVB content services of DishTV to bring users a seamless audio and video experience. SEI proposes a SaaS solution based on the business of Dish TV. It can operate the two brands Dish TV and D2H on the same platform and provide users with different video programs using the same set top box. To improve users' watching time and other key indicators, SEI combines the EPG of traditional DVB with the OTT metadata of Dish TV WatchO to recommend users' favorite programs through an intelligent recommendation algorithm.
Moreover, based on this smart solution SEI extends the IoT products and services. Users only need to plug in the IoT module on the 4K Hybird box to turn the set-top box into a smart gateway, and all smart accessories and cameras are ready to go. Users only need to scan the QR code and they can start the smart home journey right away. "The IoT module not only realizes the expansion of set-top box business, but also solves the problem of difficult pairing and complex operation of smart devices. Frictionless users experience could help us promote our IoT business." said Sunil Kumar, Head of Product Engineering, Dish TV.

Notes: The picture is ATV + GCP Case Study Speech

The combination of Android TV and Google Cloud help Dish TV achieve the transformation from traditional set-top box to smart set-top box, and help increase users' content consumption at the same time. "SEI will continue to strengthen cooperation with Google Ecosystem to help Dish TV constantly provide users with safe, convenient, stable and innovative products and services." said Jeff Yin, CEO at SEI Robotics.
About Dish TV India Limited
Dish TV India Limited is India’s leading direct-to-home (DTH) Company and owns multiple individual brands like Dish TV, Zing and d2h under its umbrella. The company benefits from multiple satellite platforms including SES-8, GSAT-15 and ST-2 and has a bandwidth capacity of 1134 MHz, the largest held by any DTH player in the country. Dish TV India Limited has on its platform more than 563 channels & services including 31 audio channels and 78 HD channels & services. The Company has a vast distribution network of over 3,100 distributors & around 2,80,000 dealers that span across 9,300 towns in the country. Dish TV India Limited is connected with its pan-India customer base through call-centres that are spread across 22 cities and are equipped to handle customer queries 24X7 in 12 different languages. For more information on the Company, please visit
About SEI Robotics
Established in 2009, SEI Robotics is a Smart Hardware company and a Global leader in developing and manufacturing Android TV and IoT devices. As one of Google's Tier 1 Android TV ODM Partners, we focus on innovative Android TV products like ATV HDMI Dongle, OTT & Hybrid Set-top box (STB), Android TV Smart Speaker, 4G/5G CPE Gateway, Wifi Mesh, and Home Security IoT. We successfully worked with a large number of Tier 1 international customers on multiple Android TV projects and Smart Home IoT Solutions. Our goal is always to deliver the best quality product on time. Visit SEI Robotics online at

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